Trading divisions

  • What we do

    The Surfactants business manufactures a wide range of surface active ingredients and products that are used as intermediates in the production of chemical components. Our products have many applications and are used in a large number of industries and sectors, such as in oilfield services, household, textiles and leather, and pulp and paper.

    These surfactants impart a number of attributes including emulsification, wetting and dispersing, foaming and defoaming, corrosion inhibition, colour fixation and rinse improvement.

  • Key facts


    We employ c. 150 people


    We share our manufacturing plant in Delden, The Netherlands with Elementis Specialty Products


    2016 revenue

  • Key strengths

    The strengths of the business are in its flexibility and ability to produce a wide range of relatively complex products in relatively small quantities, custom-designed to meet our customers’ requirements.

  • Key products

    • A range of active surface ingredients
  • Key sectors

    • Oilfield production chemicals
    • Pulp and paper
    • Construction chemicals
    • Agro-chemical and animal feed markets
    • Pharmaceutical manufacture
    • Textiles and leather
    • Plastics and resins
    • Household
    • Resin and polymer emulsification