Corporate strategy

Our Reignite Growth strategy goes through every aspect of our business. It examines, challenges and clarifies actions that need to be taken to help us build a high performing Group.

The four pillars to our strategy are:


  1. PURSUE BEST GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES - Growing our position in Personal Care, Coatings Asia and accelerating and globalising how we work and grow with our major customers are central to our growth opportunities. 

  3. PURSUE SUPPLY CHAIN TRANSFORMATION - Transforming our supply chain by addressing disadvantaged assets, improving manufacturing productivity and pursuing procurement savings will unlock cash and deliver improved financial performance.  

  5. INNOVATE FOR HIGH MARGINS AND DISTINCTIVENESS - Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Sustaining our innovation leadership position whilst improving our new product pipeline will allow us to continue to enhance our customers’ performance.

  7. CREATE A CULTURE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE - Investment in structure, capability and processes will further create a culture that focuses on transparency, delivery and high performance.