Trading divisions

  • What we do

    The Chromium division provides chemicals to its customers that make their products more durable in applications such as aerospace alloys, timber treatment and leather production.

    Elementis Chromium is a leading producer of chromium chemicals and operates two main processing sites and three smaller facilities all based in the United States.

  • Key facts


    We employ c. 250 people


    We are located at five locations in the United States


    2017 revenue

  • Key strengths

    The business successfully implemented a strategic reorganisation in 2009 that created a smaller, more flexible and cost competitive operating footprint capable of delivering stable earnings and cash flow over a broad range of economic conditions. The restructured operating platform allows the business to focus on key regional sectors and value added product offerings and to retain a strong geographical presence in North and South America, Europe and Asia. These product offerings include chromic acid for metal finishing and wood treatment, chrome sulphate for leather tanning and chrome oxide for use in construction, refractory and metal production.

  • Key products

    • Sodium dichromate
    • Chromic oxide
    • Chromic acid
    • Liquid chrome sulphate
  • Key sectors

    • Leather tanning
    • Metal finishing
    • Chrome pigments
    • Timber treatment
    • Chrome metal alloys
    • Ceramics/refractory