Board of Directors

Dorothee Deuring

Dorothee Deuring
Non-executive Director

Dorothee Deuring was appointed a non-executive director on 1 March 2017. She is a non executive director of Bilfinger SE (since 2016), a German listed industrial services provider where she is also a member of its audit committee, Röchling Group SE (also since 2016), a privately owned group processing engineering plastics, and AXPO Holding AG (since March 2017), the largest Swiss registered and owned energy producer. She also manages her own corporate advisory consultancy serving a number of European clients in the pharma/biotech sector. Her previous executive roles included managing director and head of Corporate Advisory Group (Europe) at UBS in Zurich, head of M&A chemicals and healthcare at a private investment bank in Germany and as a senior executive in the corporate finance department at the Roche group. Dorothee is an Austrian national and has an MSc. degree in Chemistry from the Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, and an MBA from INSEAD. She is active in various industry bodies. 

Company Secretary


    Principal role of the Board
  • Set corporate objectives and the strategic direction of the Group;
  • Provide leadership and direction to management and monitor corporate and business performance;
  • Set high standards in business conduct and ethics, and in business, employee and community relations;
  • Set policy and provide oversight for governance, financial control and risk management, and health, safety and environmental performance; and
  • Ensure adequate funding for the Group to invest in growth.
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