Board of Directors


Ralph Hewins
Chief Financial Officer

Ralph Hewins was appointed CFO-Designate and an executive director of Elementis plc on 12 September 2016, and became Group CFO on 1 November 2016. He is an accomplished CFO who has a strong track-record in finance, strategy development and implementation, and mergers & acquisitions. During his thirty year career with BP Lubricants, Ralph has enjoyed a number of significant leadership positions, including roles in financial management, sales & marketing, corporate development (M&A), strategy and planning, as well as being CFO of BP Lubricants since 2010.
Ralph Hewins is a British citizen and holds an MA degree in Modern History and Economics from the University of Oxford, and an MBA from INSEAD.

Company Secretary


    Principal role of the Board
  • Set corporate objectives and the strategic direction of the Group;
  • Provide leadership and direction to management and monitor corporate and business performance;
  • Set high standards in business conduct and ethics, and in business, employee and community relations;
  • Set policy and provide oversight for governance, financial control and risk management, and health, safety and environmental performance; and
  • Ensure adequate funding for the Group to invest in growth.
Matters Reserved for The Board (48 KB)